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The Adoption Resource Center of Connecticut has teamed up with to bring you a multitude of books on the subject of adoption.
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Links    Last Updated: 11/15/2005 9:15:48 PM
Category Link
General Information Adoptingcom is a comprehensive web site and a terrific starting point for adoption information.
General Information Adoptive Families of America publishes Adoptive Families magazine and Guide To Adoption. AFA has a bookstore catalog for parenting, adoption, special needs and multi-ethnic resources. 1-800-372-3300.
General Information Born in Mommy's Heart Chinese Cultural Products Gifts from Asia and More
General Information China Adoption Resource guide, everything you need to know about adopting from China
General Information National Adoption Information Clearinghouse is a tremendous source of adoption information for parents, professionals and the general public. 1-888-251-0075.
General Information Tapestry Books is a resource for adoption and infertility books. 1-800-765-2367
Domestic Adoption National Adoption Center is a non-profit organization "working to expand adoption opportunities throughout the US for children of special needs and those from minority cultures.
Domestic Adoption Open Adoption provides much thoughtful information for anyone considering domestic infant adoption.
International Adoption Rainbow Kids is a monthly on-line international adoption publication.
International Adoption International Adoption Information and Support by Country is part of the site and provides a comprehensive listing of country information and networks of support available to parents.
International Adoption Chinese Language School Founded in 1980 by the Chinese Culture Center in Hartford, Connecticut, the Chinese Language School has long been recognized for its excellent programs in Chinese language and culture?????????????????????????????????3IU???
International Adoption Joint Council on International Children's Services site has much current information and resources for those persons considering international adoption.
International Adoption Red Thread Maps creates Chinese provincial orphanage location maps.
International Adoption Chinese Adopted-Siblings Program at Yale was conceived in Spring 2002 as a community outreach program for families with adopted Chinese children in the Tri-State area.
International Adoption The Kazakh Aul of the U.S., Assoc. for American & Kazakh Families is a nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the cultural needs of American families with children from Kazakhstan
Single Parent Adoption Single-aparents is a mailing list for single men and women considering adoption, who have built their family through adoption or have experienced divorce or widowhood.
Single Parent Adoption National Council for Single Adoptive Parents publishes the Handbook for Single Adoptive Parents.
Special Needs Adoption Family Village is a comprehensive resource for information.
Special Needs Adoption Internet Resource for Special Children is also a comprehensive resource for information regarding special needs of children.
Special Needs Adoption National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a complete resource for information on Fetal Alcohola comprehensive resource for information regarding Cleft Lip and Palate.

Recommended Reading  Last Update: 7/22/2005 11:38:44 PM
Category Book Title
Adoptive Parenting Creating Ceremonies, Innovative Ways to Meet Adoption Challenges
Adoptive Parenting Helping Children Cope with Separation and Loss
Adoptive Parenting Life Books, Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child
Adoptive Parenting The Primal Wound, Understanding the Adopted Child
Adoptive Parenting Raising Adopted Children, Practical Reassuring Advice
Adoptive Parenting Real Parents, Real Children
Adoptive Parenting Talking to Young Children About Adoption
Adoptive Parenting This Is Me! Memories to Gather and Keep
Adoptive Parenting Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew
Adoptive Parenting Wasn't Love Supposed to Be Enough?
Alternative Families Adopting Alyosha, A Single Man Finds a Son in Russia
Alternative Families Adopting on Your Own
Alternative Families Families of Value, Gay & Lesbian Parents and Their Children Speak Out
Alternative Families The Handbook for Single Adoptive Parents
Alternative Families Lesbian and Gay Fostering and Adoption, Extraordinary Yet Ordinary
Books for Birthparents The Gift Wrapped in Sorrow, A Mother's Quest for Healing
Books for Birthparents Out of the Shadows, Birthfathers' Stories
Children's Books All Kinds of Families
Children's Books Amy Angel Goes Home
Children's Books The Best Single Mom In The World
Children's Books Horace
Children's Books Is That Your Sister? A True Story of Adoption
Children's Books A Koala for Katie
Children's Books Mommy Far, Mommy Near
Children's Books A Mother for Choco
Children's Books The Mulberry Bird, An Adoption Story
Children's Books Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born
Domestic Adoption Dear Birthmother, Thank You For Our Baby
Domestic Adoption The Open Adoption Experience
Domestic Adoption The Spirit of Open Adoption
General Adoption Adopting After Infertility
General Adoption Adoption Nation
General Adoption The Adoption Resource Book
General Adoption The Family of Adoption
Growing Up Adopted The Face In The Mirror
Growing Up Adopted How It Feels To Be Adopted
Growing Up Adopted Who Am I?
International Adoption Adoption Across Borders
International Adoption I Wish For You A Beautiful Life
International Adoption The Lost Daughters of China
Music & Audio Books Family Garden
Music & Audio Books My Forever Family
Older Child Adoption Adopting the Older Child
Older Child Adoption Forever Parents
Older Child Adoption Our Own: Adopting and Parenting the Older Child
Older Child Adoption Toddler Adoption, The Weaver's Craft
Special Needs Adoptions Adopting The Hurt Child
Special Needs Adoptions Adoption and Prenatal Alcohol and Drug Exposure
Special Needs Adoptions Building the Bonds of Attachment
Special Needs Adoptions Fantastic Antone Succeeds
Special Needs Adoptions The Out of Sync Child
Transracial Adoption Are Those Kids Yours?
Transracial Adoption Dim Sum, Bagels & Grits
Transracial Adoption Inside Transracial Adoption
Transracial Adoption Of Many Colors, Portraits of Multiracial Families

ARC-CT Lending Library  Last Update: 7/23/2005

These are the books contained in our Lending Library.  Clients may borrow books based on availability.  If you decide to purchase any of the books listed below, just click the desired link.  Through our partnership with, you will be able to complete your purchase and help ARC-CT fulfill it's mission at the same time!

Category Book Title Author
Adoption Adopt International, Everything You Need to Know to Adopt O. Robin Sweet and Patty Bryan
Adoption Adopt the Baby You Want Michael Sullivan
Adoption Adopting After Infertility Patricia Irwin Johnson
Adoption Adopting from Latin America James A. Pahz
Adoption Adopting in America How to Adopt within 1 year Randall Hicks
Adoption Adopting, The Tapestry Guide Laurie S. Wallmark
Adoption Adoption Stephen Currie
Adoption Adoption Across Borders, Serving the Children in Tran Rita J. Simon and Howard Alstein
Adoption Adoption Awareness Jeanne Lindsay and Catherine Monserrat
Adoption Adoption is Another Word for Love  
Adoption The Adoption Life Cycle Elinor B. Rosenberg
Adoption Adoption Opposing Viewpoints Andrew Harnack
Adoption The Adoption Resource Book, 4th Edition Lois Gilman
Adoption Adoption Wisdom, A Guide to the Issues and Feelings Marlou Russell, Ph.D
Adoption Adoption Without Fear James L. Gritter
Adoption Adoptive Kinship, A Modern Institution in Need of Reform H.David Kirk
Adoption Are Those Kids Yours?, American Families With Children Cheir Register
Adoption Beating the Adoption Game Cynthia D. Martin, Ph.D
Adoption Butterflies in the Wind, Truth About Latin American Adoptions Jean Nelson Erichsen and Heino Erichsen
Adoption Child of My Heart, A Celebration of Adoption Babara Alpert
Adoption A Child's Journey through Placement Vera I. Fahlberg, MD
Adoption The Complete Adoption Book Laura Beauvais-Goodwin and Raymond Goodwin
Adoption The Complete Adoption Book Laura Beauvais-Goodwin and Raymond Goodwin
Adoption The Complete Guide to Foreign Adoption Barbara A.Bascom, M.D. and Carole A. McKelvey
Adoption The Complete Idiot's Guide to Adoption Chris Adamcec
Adoption Considering Parenthood Cheri Pies
Adoption Creating Relationships in Adoption Ronkral and Judith Schaffer
Adoption Dear Birthmother, Thank You For Our Baby Kathleen Silber and Phylis Speedin
Adoption Dim Sum, Bagels and Grits, A Sourcebook for Multicultural Families Myra Alperson
Adoption An Educator's Guide to Adoption  
Adoption The Essential Adoption Handbook Colleen Alexander-Roberts
Adoption Forever Parents James E. Kloeppel and Darlene A. Kloeppel
Adoption The Gift Wrapped in Sorrow, A Motherss Quest Jane Guttman, DC
Adoption Give Them Roots Then Let Them Fly The Attachment Center at Evergreen, Inc.
Adoption Hauge Conference, 1993 Adoption Co-Operation  
Adoption How It Feels To Be Adopted Jill Krementz
Adoption How To Adopt Internationally Jean Nelson Erichsen and Heino Erichsen
Adoption How To Adopt International, Revised Jean Nelson Erichsen and Heino Erichsen
Adoption I Wish For You A Beautiful Life, Letters from the Korea Sara Dorow
Adoption The Immigration of Adopted and Prospective Adopted Children Dept. of Justice, INS
Adoption International Adoption Handbook Myra Alperson
Adoption Learning from Adoption Disruption Univ. of Southern Maine
Adoption Making Sense of Adoption, A Parents Guide Lois Ruskai Melina
Adoption Of Many Colors, Portraits of Multiracial Families Peggy Gillespie
Adoption Out of the Shadows, Birthfather's Stories Mary Martin Mason
Adoption A Peacock or a Crow Victor Goiza, Ph.D, Daniela Iieana, MSSA
Adoption Perspectives on a Grafted Tree Patricia Irwin Johnson
Adoption Post Adoption Services Report of Conference, Casey Family Services
Adoption Post-Adoption Blues Karen Foli and John R. Thompson
Adoption The Primal Wound, Understanding the Adopted Child Nancy Newton Verrier
Adoption Raising Adopted Children, A Manual for Adoptive Parents Lois Ruskai Melina
Adoption The Rollercoaster Ride to a Family Adoptive Parents Committee Members
Adoption The Russian Word for Snow Janis Cooke Newman
Adoption Secret Thoughts of An Adoptive Mother Jana Wolff
Adoption Spirit of Open Adoption, The James L. Gritter
Adoption Supporting An Adoption Pat Holmes
Adoption They Became Part of Us Barbara Holtan and Laurel Strassberger
Adoption Toddler Adoption Mary Hopkins Best
Adoption We Adopted You, Benjamin Koo Linda Walvoord Girard
Adoption What to Tell and Give Adoptive Parents CT. Council on Adoption, Practice Comm.
Adoption When Friends Ask About Adoption? Linda Bothun
Adoption With Eyes Wide Open, A Workbook for Parents Adopting Children's Home Society of Minnesota
Children Adoption is for Always Linda Walvoord Girard
Children Adoption Stories for Young Children Randall B. Hicks
Children Adoption Stories for Young Children Randall Hicks
Children All Kinds of Families Norma Simon
Children All the Colors of the Earth Sheila Hamaraka
Children A Bugs Life, Can You Find the Difference Disney Pixar
Children A Calendar of Festivals Cherry Gilchrist
Children Celebrations! (Audio Tape) Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley
Children Chibi, A True Story From Japan (Audio Tape) Barbara Brenner
Children Children Just Like Me, A Unique Celebration of Children Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley
Children A Child's Celebration of the World MUSIC TAPE
Children A China Adoption Story, Mommy Why Do We Look Different Frances M. Koh
Children Everthing Changes, But Love Endures Karen Carney
Children Family Garden Audio Tape (John McCutcheon)
Children Favorite Children's Stories from China and Tibet Lotta Carswell Hume
Children Hands Around the World Susan Milord
Children Happy Adoption Day! John McCutcheon
Children Happy Birthday Everywhere Arlene Erlbach
Children Honoring Our Loved Ones, Going to a Funeral Karen Carney
Children Horace Holly Keller
Children I Love You Like Crazy Cakes Rose Lewis
Children Is That Your Sister? Catherine and Sherry Buren
Children It's Time to Let You Know Beth Riedler
Children The Kid's Multicultural Cookbook Deanna F. Cook
Children A Koala for Katie Johnathon London
Children The Mulberry Bird Anne Braff Brodizinsky, Ph.D.
Children Musical Instruments Meryl Doney
Children Never, Never, Never Will She Stop Loving You Jolene Durrant
Children Our Chosen Child Judith Levy
Children Our Special Garden, Understanding Cremation Karen Carney
Children Precious Gifts Karen Carney
Children Seeds of Love Mary E. Petertyl
Children The Magic Ring, Russian Folk Tales Alexander Afanasiev
Children The Most Beauthiful Place in the World Ann Cameron
Children They're Part of the Family Karen Carney
Children The Three Kingdoms, Russian Folk Tales Alexander Afanasiev
Children Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies Ann Turner
Children Throw Your Tooth on the Roof Selby Becker
Children Together Forever Sara L.F. Barris and Doryce Penn Seltzer
Children Together We Will Get Through This Karen Carney
Children Wake Up World! Beatrice Hollyer
Children Walks Around Moscow Olga R. Ionaitis
Children What Color Am I? Loyal Nye
Children What Is Cancer Anyway? Karen Carney
Children What is the Meaning of Shiva? Karen Carney
Children What Is Your Language? Debra Leventhal
Children Why Was I Adopted Carole Livingston
Children Wise Up Powerbook (Workbook)  
Children Zachary's New Home, A Story for Foster & Adopted Children Geraldine M. Blomquist and Paul B. Blomquist
Culture Berlitz Pocket Guide to Moscow & St. Petersburg Berlitz
Culture Canada, The Culture Bobbie Kalman
Culture The Children of India Jules Hermes
Culture China, The Culture Bobbie Kalman
Culture Festivals Together Sue Titzjohn
Culture Good Morning, Vietnam, Good Afternoon USA, An Adoption Tale Anna Emily Hudson
Culture Greece, The Culture Bobbie Kalman
Culture Hello From Korea Jeannie J. Park
Culture In Focus Guatemala  
Culture India, The Culture Bobbie Kalman
Culture Mexico, The Culture Bobbie Kalman
Culture Mongolia Vanishing Cultures Jan Reynolds
Culture Peru, Ecuador & Bolivia, Let's Go (2002 Edition) St. Martin's Press
Culture Peru, The People and the Culture Bobbie Kalman
Culture Russia At A Glance Barron's
Culture Russia Customs and Etiquette Irene Slatter
Culture Russian Cooking Vladimir Usov
Culture Salveaza Romania Lucian Boia
Culture South Africa, The Culture Bobbie Kalman
Culture Taste of Romania Nicolae Klepper
Culture Thirty-Three Multicultural Tales to Tell Pleasant DeSpain
Culture Vietnam, The Culture Bobbie Kalman
Infertility Healing the Infertile Family, Strenghtening Your Relationship Gay Becker, Ph.D.
Infertility How to Get Pregnant Sherman J. Silber
Infertility How To Get Pregnant With the New Technology Sherman J. Silber
Infertility In Pursuit of Pregnancy Joan Liebmann-Smith
Infertility In Search of Parenthood, Coping with Infertility and Hig Judith N. Lasker, Susan Borg
Infertility Infertility and Involuntary Childlessness Helping Couples Beth Cooper-Hilber
Infertility Infertility Book, A Comprehensive Medical & Emotional Carla Harkness
Infertility Long Awaited Stork, A Guide to Parenting After Infertility Ellen Sarasohn Glazer
Infertility Planning for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond The American College of Obstetricians and Gyn
Infertility Surviving Infertility, A Compassionate Guide Through Linda P. Salzer
Infertility Take This Book to the Gynecologist With You, A Conservative Gale Maleskey, Charles B. Inlander
Infertility Without Child, Experiencing and Resolving Infertility Ellen Sarasohn Glazer and Susan Lewis Cooper
Language Chinese, Mandarin,Start Speaking Today! Educational Services Teaching Cassettes
Language Korean, Start Speaking Today! Educational Services Teaching Cassettes
Language Language,30 Vietnamese Educational Services Teaching Cassettes
Language Play and Learn Chinese (Video) Video, Merrier
Language Portugese, Start Speaking Toady! Educational Services Teaching Cassettes
Language Romanian Phrase Book Berlitz
Language Teach Me More, Chinese Teach Me Tapes, Inc.
Language Teach Me More, Russian Teach Me Tapes, Inc.
Language Teach Me More, Spanish Teach Me Tapes, Inc.
Language Teach Me, Chinese Teach Me Tapes, Inc.
Language Teach Me, Russian Teach me Tapes, Inc.
Language Teach Me, Spanish Teach Me Tapes, Inc.
Misc. 101 Ways To Be A Special Mom Vicki Lanksy
Misc. 1-2-3 Magic, Effective Discipline For Children 2-12 Thomas W. Pheland, Ph.D.
Misc. 20001 Baby Names Carol McD. Wallace
Misc. The Baby Brokers Lynne McTaggart
Misc. Baby Names Globe Mini Mag.
Misc. The Best Baby Name Book Bruce Lansky
Misc. Bioenergetic Analysis, Clinical Journal of International  
Misc. Connecticut Birth to Three System, Central Directory  
Misc. Creating Ceremonies, Innovative Ways to Meet Adoption Cheryl A. Lieberman, Ph.D and Rhea K. Buuferd
Misc. A Dream Come True Sarah Dankert, Nicole Dankert and Jessica Rose
Misc. Expecting Adam Martha Beck
Misc. Global Connections A Passport Home  
Misc. Helping Children Cope With Separation and Loss Claudia L. Jewett
Misc. International Adoption Travel Journal  
Misc. Life Books, Creating A Treasure For the Adopted Child Beth O'Malley
Misc. Look Who's Talking About Vaccinations Video
Misc. Making A New Home In America Maxine B. Rosenberg
Misc. Megatrends and Volunteerism Sue Vineyard
Misc. Montessori Play and Learn Joy Starrey Turner
Misc. Mother's and Their Adoptive Children - The Bonding Process Dorothy W. Smith and Laurie Nehis Sherwen
Misc. Our Adoption Journey (Calendar) Calendar
Misc. Our Own, Adopting & Parenting the Older Child Trish Maskew
Misc. Parenting Your Adopted Child, A Complete and Loving Stephanie E. Siegel, Ph.D
Misc. Positive Discipline For Single Parents, Nuturing Cooperation Jane Nelson, Cheryl Erwin and Carol Delzer
Misc. Positive Discipline, The Classic Guide For Parents & Jane Nelson, Ed.D.
Misc. Protecting Your Newborn (3/97) Video
Misc. Raising Cain Richard J. Delaney, Ph.D
Misc. Raising Your Spirited Child, A Guide For Parents Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
Misc. Raising Your Spritied Child Workbook, A Companion to Mary Shhedy Kurcinka
Misc. The Read Aloud Handbook Jim Trelease
Misc. Ready-To-Use Multiculture Activites for Primary Children Saundrah Clark Grevious
Misc. Real Parents, Real Children, Parenting the Adopted Child Holly van Gulden, Lisa M. Bartels-Rabb
Misc. Talking to Your Child About Adoption Patricia Martinez Dorner
Misc. Talking With Young Children About Adoption Mary Watkins and Susan Fisher
Misc. The New Birth Order Book Dr. Kevin Leman
Misc. This is Me, Memories to Gather and Keep  
Misc. Wonder-Play, Interactive & Developmental Games Fretta Reitzes, Beth Tietelman
Misc. Your Baby and Child Penelope Leach
Parenting How To Raise An Adopted Child Judith Schaffer and Christina Lindstrom
Single Parenting Adopting Alyosha Robert Klose
Single Parenting Lesbian & Gay Fostering and Adoption, Extraordinary Stephen Hicks and Jane McDermott
Single Parenting Lesbian & Gay Parenting Handbook April Martin, Ph.D
Single Parenting On Our Own, Umarried Motherhood in America Melissa Ludtke
Single Parenting Single Mothers by Choice Jane Mattes
Special Needs Adopting the Older Child Claudia L. Jewett
Special Needs Dangerous Legacy, Babies of Drug Taking Parents Ben Sonder
Special Needs Fantastic Antone Succeeds!, Experiences in Educating Judith Kleinfeld and Siobhan Wescott
Special Needs Issues in Special Needs Adoptions For Mental Health  
Special Needs The Out-of-Sync Child, Recognizing and Coping with Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA
Special Needs Reaching Out to Children With FAS/FAE Diane Davis
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