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Adoption Resource Center of Connecticut

78 Eastern Boulevard

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...helping to blend families...

Adoption plans take many shapes. Your adoption is simply that - your adoption. It will not be the same as any other. You will make many choices as you formulate your adoption plan. Children throughout the world are in need of loving, permanent homes. We will work with you to determine what type of adoption plan is right for your family. If you are already clear about your plans, we will be happy to network with your placing agency to provide any services which are necessary to enable the completion of your adoption. The following page outlines the primary services offered by our agency. Should you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

Home Study Services

Performed by Masters level social workers, to meet the requirements of the State of Connecticut and tailored to your adoption, whether it be international or domestic. Our home studies are conducted and written to satisfy the requirements of the authorities who will be involved in your adoption (i.e. INS, Interstate Compact, your child's birth country, etc.) We believe the home study should empower you through a process of sharing information and education.


Some clients come to us having already made an adoption plan, simply in need of our home study, educational or other services. Many others come to us in need of assistance regarding selecting an appropriate adoption plan and subsequently, a placing agency. We work with well-established, respected agencies throughout the country. Our staff will work with you to help formulate your adoption plan. ARC-CT will continue to work with you and your placing agency throughout your adoption.

Support Groups

Groups for families both pre and post placement are available. View the current group schedule.

Educational Classes

Classes for families both pre and post placement are available. View the current schedule of educational classes.

Assistance With Procedures

Whether you need assistance finalizing a domestic adoption or obtaining citizenship for your internationally adopted child, ARC-CT will work with you to provide assistance with a variety of procedural matters.

Pre and Post - Adoption Counseling

Need a little one-on-one assistance? Our staff are trained counselors.

Post-placement Supervision

Depending upon the specifics of your adoption, a certain number of post-placement visits will be necessary. There is a two visit minimum requirement. Depending upon the regulations surrounding your adoption, more visits may be necessary.

Culture Celebrations and Family Events

We sponsor events as an organization. We will also work to keep you informed of goings-on within the Connecticut adoption community. Reunion picnics, holiday gatherings and various other opportunities to come together are an important component of our ongoing commitment to adoptive families.


We are available to you and to your family forever for support, information and referrals, socialization and counseling. We encourage your continued involvement with ARC-CT. We are committed to providing comprehensive services to children and to their adoptive families throughout their lifelong adoption journey.  


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