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Adoption Resource Center of Connecticut

78 Eastern Boulevard

Glastonbury, CT 06033

...helping to blend families...




Our goal is to provide innovative services, which have worth to our clients not only in their immediate future, but also for the years to come as their family evolves.  Adoption Resource Center of CT, Inc. views the child as their primary client.  In doing so we make the commitment to ethically and thoroughly assess, educate and support prospective adoptive parents who are capable of providing a secure and nurturing home for a child.  We pledge to continue our commitment to children by providing services throughout the life span of the adoptive family. 


Adoption Resource Center of CT, Inc. has come to fruition out of an intention to provide fundamentally important services to person who are themselves adopted, have built their family through adoption and/or who are seeking to build their family through adoption.  It is our premise that all too often the emphasis for service can be placed upon the actual act of receiving a child into the family.  Our agency seeks to enhance the other aspects of adoption service by focusing exclusively upon proper and thorough education, assessment, support and follow-up for adoptive families and for those whose lives are being, or have been, somehow touched by adoption.  We do this on the premise that a family’s foundation can be made stronger with proper support.  Adoption Resource Center of CT, Inc. strives to enhance that support and to thereby enhance the strength of the foundation for the entire adoptive family.  By reinforcing the family foundation, it is our hope that both the child and their family will benefit throughout their lives together from an enhanced structure that is better able to withstand the pressures of family life in this day in age and to more fully celebrate the uniqueness and importance of their own family relationships.


This agency views the adoptive family, in its entirety and complexity, as a whole unit and as individuals to be our client.  However, we see our obligations and duty as being not only to our clients who come to us seeking services, but also to the community-at-large.  We will continuously strive to provide quality community education surrounding adoption-related issues.  Adoption Resource Center of CT, Inc. seeks to dispel myths surrounding adoption and to enhance public understanding and foster positive attitudes about adoption

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